Decline of ethics in modern society

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Growing up, children are guided by what their parents teach them to be moral or ethical. According to Webster's Dictionary online, ethics is defined as "a set of moral principle or values." It is also correct to say then, that these children are the future of America. However it is apparent that our society is faced with many moral issues that make it difficult to raise a well-rounded child. For quite some time there has been "gradual slippage" of society's integrity as shown in Stephen L.Carter's "Rules about the Rules." Mark Clayton expands on this idea about integrity with society's cheating problem in "A Whole Lot of Cheating Going On." In addition to these issues, Anthony Brandt discusses the importance of raising a child with religion in his essay, "Do Kids Need Religion?" Another pressing issue today deals with dating. In "The Future of Modesty," author Wendy Shalit discusses the changes in modesty over time and its effect on gender roles.

With the stake of the country's future at hand, it is important that these issues are addressed because it is obvious American culture is decling fast in ethics, especially in education, dating, and religion.

The first example deals with the decline in today's educational system. There is so much pressure for a student to be the best, get the highest grades, receive the most awards, and get accepted into the best college. Although these things are very important and are placed high in the sense that it is one's opportunity for a career and future, one shouldn't have to cheat to get them at that level. Carter tells in his essay, "Browsing recently in my local bookstore, I came across a book that boldly proclaimed, on it's cover, that it contained instructions how to cheat….." (158) This is...