The Decriminalization Of Marijuana

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The Decriminalization of Marijuana Seventy million Americans have smoked marijuana ("Weed it" 12) Alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine are all legal in the United States. Although marijuana is less harmful than these products, it itself is an illegal product (Mayo 1). Why would we not want to legalize a product that can bring in over nine billion dollars in revenue by one year ("Weed It"12) ? In 1937 marijuana was outlawed and made an illegal product ("Weed it"14). If marijuana were to become legal again, it would be the country's largest crop with annual harvest values at anywhere from twenty-five to thirty-five billion dollars per year ("Weed It"14). Given that marijuana can be grown as cheaply as tobacco, just its taxes alone would bring in as much as the current sales on alcohol, over nine billion dollars ("Weed it"12).

In the United States a large sum of money is spent on drug programs that fail to have any effect at all on the children.

Researchers now admit that drug programs such as "D.A.R.E." have little to no effect at all on the kids taking them. The programs enhance the children's skills and make them want to try the drugs even more then before ( Gorman 3 ). Why is our country spending our tax money on things that have no purpose? Instead of putting tax money towards useless things put it towards things that have a good cause like helping our country out with its recent tragedies. If marijuana were to be legalized less money would go towards drug programs and we would gain large sums of money that could help out in other departments.

Many people these days make their living by selling drugs. According to Tam Alexander a former marijuana grower, an average basement grower can make anywhere...