Decriminalization of marijuana

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During the prohibition in the United States, the country banned alcohol sales and consumption; this lead to organized crime profiting from the distribution of alcohol. This is comparable to our own situation with organized crime controlling the auspicious drug industry. When the prohibition ended, health hazards due to contaminated liquor were reduced and consumption laws made it difficult for crime lords to find a source of revenue. Similar results would be found. Wealthy criminals would be driven out of business because of the lack of a source of income.

In Amsterdam, marijuana is not commonly abused. By eliminating pot, it gives chances for much of the population to rebel and abuse the substance. If our results could resemble the laws in Amsterdam, recklessness while smoking marijuana would be no more then regular recklessness.

Robert MacCoun, a professor of public policy and law at the University of California, has stated that an alternative could be to depenalize marijuana.

If legislation should not agree to depenalize marijuana, officers could continue to do nothing to possessors of small amounts of marijuana so the courts won't be too full. If the courts pass the bill to depenalize marijuana, it would encourage officers to issue tickets to people who have possession of small amounts of marijuana instead of doing nothing. Im completely agree with his ideas. It is a excellent alternative to decriminalizing it because it encourages punishment and doesn't clog the already congested court system.