Decriminalization of Prostitution and Recreational Drug

Essay by Ahmer KamdarUniversity, Master's February 2005

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The nobility and chastity of males and females is protected in every religion. Every religion forbids unlawful acts in any form. Prostitution is one of them. Much has been written on prostitution and its impact on the society. However, this long time debate has not yet been able to come to a conclusion, as to whether take it as an offense or we just embrace it as a constituent of our society.

We will look into this case from two perspectives forced prostitution and at will prostitution. However this should be kept in mind that there is a very thin line between the two. Those who favor this phenomenon, argue that there comes a time when an individual has no other option but to accede to prostitution. Third world countries are a prime instance in this case. We can easily conceive the hand to mouth condition of the millions of females in the third world countries.

This will come under the umbrella of "prostitution". Most of these girls just need some help in finding proper jobs and getting first-rate education in order to be a valuable member of the society. We have been too busy in making our lives more luxurious without paying attention to the economic condition of our brothers and sisters.

On the other extreme, this activity has become a source of not only earning easy-money but also bringing the norms of the society to disrepute. Not only it is affecting the society at large, it is also acting as a catalyst for the spread of the Aids epidemic. Aids have been regarded as the worst disease mankind has ever encountered. And interestingly, despite knowing its effects, it is prospering day by day. Yes, prostitution is to be blamed.

But then no product sells, if there is no...