Decryption of the Book of Zechariah.

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The book of Zechariah is the most confusing book in the bible and took a lot of patience to understand it. It is based on the rebuilding of the Jewish temple and series of eight night visions that are shown to Zechariah by the word of the lord to encourage the nations such as Israel, Babylon and Persia and so on to follow god and give them the mental desire to help rebuild the temple. One thing that is needed a strong grasp of to understand this book is to be at ease is bad. It means self-satisfaction and over-pride but this will be explained further on. The nation of Israel was very proud and at ease so god sent Babylon to discipline Israel and rid them of their arrogance but they were too harsh on Israel so God then sent Persia in to punish Babylon. This is seen as a message of blessing to Israel yet a message of judgement to the surrounding nations who punished Israel.

It is about the bringing together of god's people and the shaping of their faith towards him.

This book is one of the Minor Prophets or shorter stories of the Old Testament and takes its name from a Jewish priest who returned to Jerusalem with the exiles from Babylon. However a change in the style of writing suggests that only the first eight chapters of the book were written by Zechariah from 520-518 BC. These chapters are very apocalyptic in character, explaining a series of eight night visions devoted to the encouragement and plans of the lord towards his people. Chapters nine through to eleven come from the hand of another author who was named "second Zechariah" written in 300 BC, consisting of sayings against foreign nations together with promises of power...