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Love is kind; Love is gentle but is Love hard? John Gould boldly captures in his work the Dark Beast, the very essence of failing and broken relationships .It all starts with one simple lie which then roots deep into the relationship and yields more lies, deception and dishonesty. Dishonesty is a dangerous thief that takes away the underlying foundation of a good healthy relationship and conjures dark, hidden doubles in the people associated.

Dishonesty is a vicious circle and is triggered by the smallest lie possible. Danny, the character in Gould’s story, realizes that dishonesty doomed their relationship and confesses that everything they shared for the past 7 years was once started off with a lie that he hid inside of him every single time he kidded with Ruth about the night they first met and its events. ““Mise en scene?” says Danny.”Dolce vita” I wanted so much to impress you .I

lied right off the bat, that’s the very first thing I ever did with you, was I lied” (Gould37).Lying sometimes might seem harmless and painless but it’s when life takes serious turns and surprised twists that one realizes that even a small lie matters, especially in relationships. The quote from Gould’s story ““yeah, I’m pretty sure I‘ve done that before,” he says, still gushing tears”(Gould 37) further proves that Danny started off with a small lie but soon more followed him .One dishonest act yields another to cover the any possible clues of the previous one and if this continues , it indeed becomes a part of life .

A very dangerous factor about dishonesty is that it all adds up and starts uprooting a relationship where the concerned individuals hide their inner selves from each other due to fear of being scrutinized and being hurt. They...