Deep Sea Creatures Project

Essay by melodramatic1987 May 2006

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My name is Melissa I'm a world renowned marine biologist. I was known for my work in deep sea types of marine life. I have studied many deep sea fish and crustaceans, but the thing that interested me more were the wonders of the oceans such as the tube worm, the spider crab, and many crustaceans. Recently on one of my expeditions I saw something quite interesting: What looked like a giant squid with a shell somewhat like a hermit crab but the tentacles weren't moving. So I suspected that it wasn't a squid I approached and what looked like a scaly shark with rock like skin started ramming the underwater propeller device. Luckily by speeding up the turbine we escaped. I was determined to do more secret research on this animal, so I made a habitat of some sort somewhat like an aquarium. It would have to be the size of a gymnasium.

I had to install super thick glass so the shark wouldn't break through. I had to put salt water inside of the tank with lots of coral reefs, sand and dirt. We had to do everything while charting down the activities.

It appears that this shark has a scaly surface. The bones are still made of cartilage, the scales act as a protection from other sharks or animals attacking them. One of these sharks' teeth is on average 5-8 inches. This makes it easy to tear apart their prey. We have thrown in random sea life and we have seen that this shark's diet varies from the following animals: All types of fish, sea lions, seals, dolphins, crustaceans, small whales and other sharks. They drop to the ocean floor and kick up a little dirt and sand then they lie still when their prey passes...