A Deeper Understanding Of The Holocaust

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Schindler's List, a movie about the activities of Oskar Schindler during WWII, is a film where much about life can be conjured from. The movie reveals a period in the past century where evil prevailed, only to be rendered by the good of humanity. Schindler, the films heroine, was initially portrayed as an opportunist who profited at the expense of others. However, as the film progressed, Schindler evolved into a man who used his power to help those destined for tragedy. Much can be drawn upon from Schindler's List, including why intelligent people use their intelligence to harm others, vital lessons in life, and the answer to whether good can arise from evil.

In the movie, Schindler's List, intelligent people use their intelligence to harm and take advantage of others. The Nazis, represented by the army and its officers, are depicted as a group that were eager to capitalize on their power.

In the movie, Amon Goeth is the main representation of the Nazis and their views. Amon was merciless towards the Jews, and not only sought for the suffering and the depletion of the Jews, but took pleasure from doing so. He was a womanizer, alcoholic, capitalist"¦all of which Schindler was. Amon and Schindler were also both very intelligent and very powerful. However, that is where their course of similarities end. Schindler did profit from the Jews, but gave back every penny in the end. He cared about the Jews and valued their lives, unlike Amon Goeth. One must wonder why Schindler used his power to benefit others and why Amon used his to harm others. The answer revolves around one thing"¦the heart. Amon did not value anyones life besides his own. He was self-centered and lacked a good heart. He was bad from the inside out, which...