"Defending The Homeland" by Jonathan R. White

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In "Defending the Homeland", the author Jonathan R. White discusses several issues in the Criminal Justice System. He maintains that the system must be developed to deal with the up-to-date challenges. White points out some of the major problems within our Criminal Justice System. Such as: (a) that there is no organization in place to share national intelligence with the state and local police, (b) the need to increase administration to fight terrorism, and (c) the fact that the 4th Amendment with the American rights is being intruded upon by laws (i.e. such as the USA Patriot Act administered by President Bush after September 11, 2001).

One of the problems with our Criminal Justice System is that there is a lack of sharing national intelligence between the FBI, C.I.A, local police and state police. For example, Mohammed Atta was a suspected terrorist, and was being watched by United States Special Forces. Atta was spotted by a Washington state trooper early in the morning on September 11, 2001, and the trooper did not take any criminal course of action. Because of the absence of communication between these groups, the state trooper did not even know that the FBI and the C.I.A were watching Atta. The state trooper said "If only someone had shared the intelligence with me..." (White, 3) This shows that the information regarding this criminal was not being shared to all of law enforcement, as it should have been.

In our world today, interaction between law enforcement is crucial because there is important information concerning the safety of the American citizens. It is essential for the police to protect and serve all innocent people from public offenders such as Mohammed Atta. Each police department is different in some way but they do have a similar mission; and that...