A defense for abortion using standard abortion defenses against one another. good material for abortion in general. 1455 words.

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"A defense of abortion" provides a myriad of analogies in the defense of abortion. One in particular is given that I personally enjoy. The analogy of People seeds is hilarious, and on top of that makes good sense. This paper will explain the people seeds and put that argument in standard form for analogies. An evaluation will also be given and an assessment of whether or not the argument is either weak or strong.

The people seeds are as the writer understands, similar to pollen and in the event of a window being left open could float in and germinate in your carpet or upholstery. If one were aware of these people seeds and did not want children, simply get some screens with fine mesh and the problem is solved. Well, this is an analogy within an analogy, with the screens being compared to birth control. Birth control can fail, and does fail on occasion.

Since you have taken the best precautions to keep the seeds out of your 'house' there is no invitation for the seeds to come in, thus establishing the mother's clear indication of not wanting any children, for the time being. This breaks down to two people having sex, trying reasonably to not have a child. If the child is conceived, then it has no right to be there without explicit permission from the mother. Thus an abortion would not be impermissible based on the killing of the fetus not being unjust.

Argument from analogy, as other types of arguments, has a standard form. The standard form for this analogy is as follows:

1. A woman's pregnancy has the property P. (Due to the malfunction of birth control), the precautionary measures taken to avoid the pregnancy have property Q, (Birth control). The fetus is...