Defensive communication in the movie remeber the titans

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Defensive communication happens in all different types of relationships. This is when a person tries to guard themselves from others. There are many different types of defensive communication that can be used. Some examples of defensive communication are avoidance, psychological withdrawal, distancing, reaction formation, sarcasm, outdoing others, overly critical communication and formula communication.

When conflict occurs in a relationship it is often intermingled with a large amount of defensive communication. Defensive communication is communicating to someone in a way where you feel threatened or feel uncomfortable in a certain situation. There are many ways we use defensive communication in every day life.

Defensive mechanisms commonly used in relationships are psychological withdrawal which is when a person feels uncomfortable in a certain situation, but is required to physically be there. Another mechanism is when a person distances himself from others. In the movie "Remember the Titans," the black and white players distanced themselves with one another in order to keep from getting close.

Reaction formation is another example, and this is when we act differently than the way we actually feel. Sarcasm is another form which is when someone uses a biting sense of humor in order to keep distance and retain power of a situation. When someone outdoes another by trying to top their accomplishments is another example of defensive communication. When the two teams were told that they would be playing on the same team, they automatically judged and criticized one another. This is a mechanism referred as overly critical communication. Superficial dialogue is mechanism also shown in the movie in order to protect themselves. Racism is one of the biggest ways we communicate defensively too, by saying it right out or even the way we react when we see certain people. Defensive...