Define aboriginals and what was the stolen generation?

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1. Define the word Aborigine.

The word aboriginals has a variation of meanings, it can refer to the original settlers of a land also known as the indigenous people, this area can be a range of different sizes from somewhere as big as a country to somewhere as small as a park. No matter the size, the first person of any race to settle upon a piece of land would be aboriginal hence the race would become indigenous to the land.

All over the world there are aborigines, although some of these indigenous people's land was colonized by another race and is still exposed to the rapid expansion of that race they are still considered to be indigenous. In one country, what's fascinating is that the numbers of different tribes of aborigines were quite large, and that even though they were all from the same country each tribe had a different language.

The language could have a slight variation or maybe a huge difference. Despite the differences between each aborigine tribe they still manage to have the same ideals of life. They would take only what they need from the land and never wasted any food.

Most of the aborigine's land was colonized by white settlers usually European. However, large continents such as Europe have very little aborigines; this is due to the vast growing population of Europe. Although when the European colonize the land they usually take over by force and the aborigines usually suffer greatly from his impactOther races view the aborigines differently some see them as beneath them, they see the aborigines as inferior to them because it is them who brought technology to the aborigine. However, there are some people admired the aborigines love with nature; no matter wherever the aborigine was from they would have...