Defining the Manager

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What would it take to successfully lead your work group?2.What leadership skills are required for a manager or supervisor?3.How would you describe your leadership skills or style? Please give examples of how you would set out to accomplish this.

4.How would you enlist the help of you r staff to solve a problem?5.How do you deal with an employee that disagrees with you?6.Can you give me an example of a difficult decision that you have had to make as a manager?7.What do you want to accomplish in your first year in your position?8.Describe the traits that make the difference between effective and ineffective performances?9.In your past work experiences what demonstrates your ability to initiate and to assume responsibility.

10. What would you do to motivate you r team to get the desired results that you are looking for?11. What do you consider as the most important functional dimension of the job you are applying for and list them in order of importance?Characteristics needed to manage service department would include: leadership qualities, someone who can quickly assess the needs of the department and delegate duties to staff.

Organize; someone with exceptional organizational skills to make the staff a team, organize the work flow and move the department forward. The candidate must possess a personality that motivates without intimidation. Someone who will be part of the team, assists with problems, and keeps a forward momentum. Management skills that encourage individual ideas, with the success of the team as the end result. Experience: What are the expectations of the candidate with regard to job satisfaction? Why are they interested in a career move? What motivated the move? Does this person have a proven track record? The candidate must state proven results from past employment in...