Defining moments in Canadian history, incuding the avro arrow, Vimy Ridge and the Battle of Ortona

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Defining Moments in Canadian History

Vimy Ridge, Battle of Ortona, and Norad Defence- Avro Arrow

Canada is the second largest country in the world, and was voted the top country to live in five years in a row. During the 20th century Canada has transformed itself into the country it is today. The Canadian government has made some mistakes but a great deal more accomplishments. There is reason to believe that the Battle for Vimy Ridge, the Battle of Ortona, and the Norad Defense- Avro Arrow made Canada the respectable middle power status that is enjoyed today. Canada is a highly appreciated nation in the global view and holds an important position in international affairs.

Firstly, on April 9th, 1917 began the start of Canada's assault on Vimy Ridge, a hill near the town of Arras in Northern France. Vimy Ridge was an important phase in the victory of WWI and was very vital to both the Allies and the Central Powers.

"Vimy Ridge was an important part of the Germans' defenses, barring the way to the mines and factories in the Douai plain which had been of great use to them in their continuation of the war. The very nature of the Ridge gave it strong, built-in defense, but these natural defenses had been supplemented by strong-points, elaborate trench-systems and underground tunnels linking natural caves."(Morgon) It was the highest ground before the flats of the rich coalmines of the Douai Plains, which the Germans needed to continue mining, and it was also near the intersection of two major German trench lines. The Canadians fought fearlessly and continued their pressure on the ridge until they had captured the highest point on the ridge, but this encounter did come with a dreadful cost of 10, 602 casualties including 3,