Defining Public Relations Paper

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Defining Public Relations Paper

Defining Public Relations Paper

Organizations today rely on numerous factors to keep them afloat and one of these key factors is public-relation (PR). Public relation has been around for decades, even as far back as the schoolyard. Everyone can remember playing games where there is always one central person that dictates to the others the major occurrences of the day. Whether one realizes or understands this form of public rapport, this is the foundation of a liaison between individuals, and is often referred to as PR. The definition of PR comes in many forms; the following paper will discuss three from published resources and one from this student.

Individual Definition

This student's definition of public relations can be defined as "an organization ability to effectively communicate truthfully or deceptively to the public." One came up with this definition due to the amount of prescription drugs she takes.

The medication Vioxx is normally on her list of daily medications. Once the drug was recalled due to numerous medical conditions and fatalities, Merck (pharmaceutical company which produced the drug) had to establish a rapport (PR) with its' consumers all over again.

Three Text Definitions

Definition Number One

Mr. Bill Stoller is the author and owner of Publicity Insider, he defines public relations as "Public relations is a broader field that encompasses publicity, but also includes such things as investor relations, crisis communications, special events and sponsorships, and other activities designed to mold opinion" (Stoller, n.d.). Mr. Stoller's definition most resembles this individual's because it relates to the public in a crisis situation.

Definition Number Two

According to the India Times, 2002: Public Relation is a deliberate, planned and sustained effort to develop, establish and maintain two-way communication between an organization and the public. Public Relation could be also...