Defining Social Work

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The field of social work has appealed to me in many different aspects. When I think of the social work, the words that come to my mind are community, society, families, help, and social change. This minor assignment helped me achieve the knowledge of many different definitions of social work. The definitions I observed came from the two articles that our group found, the Pincus and Minnahan article, and my own definition for social work. Social work in my own definition is the want to help society one person at a time, and eventually make a difference in the world. Making a difference in society or the world is the most important aspect of being a social worker in my perspective. The comparison between the Pincus and Minnahan article and my own definition of social work is that to make a difference in society, I must have the ability to interact.

The Pincus and Minnahan definition of social work is concerned more about the interaction between the people and their social environments. I believe that to have interaction between people, you would need to make individual approaches to people.

The first article focused more on the individual concerns in the society and its environments. The Pincus and Minnahan article definition focused on the interactions between the people and their social environments. The similarities between these two articles were the importance of environment. The environment was brought up in both articles as a connection to the society and the people. I have found a couple of differences between these two articles. The first article deals with the individual and the Pincus and Minnahan deals with the interaction between the people and their social environment. In addition to that, The Pincus and Minnahan definition outlines and states numerically and specifically...