Defining Tatiana

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Tatiana Fernandez

Wendy Noonan

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8 October, 2014

Defining Tatiana

Tatianna, actually it is Tatiana, but you can call me Tati. I would say it's been a love-hate relationship with my name since the beginning, I don't even spell my own name correctly. Tatiana represents my family, I'm the only Tatiana in the family, but everyone had an impact on the name. As a child, I was not fond of my name, Tatiana was never a very popular na me, I was usually the only "Tatiana" in school which made the pronunciation of my name rare and even more difficult to say and classmates jumped on the opportu nity to joke about it. I've had variations of nicknames over the years primarily based off of the name Tatiana. Even though I was embarrassed by Tatiana at first, it was still who I was and who my family raised me to be.

Whether I was being referred to by a nickname or on occasions, my full name, these names are unique and have a significant role on w ho I am today.

Tatiana comes from Latin origins of Tatitus which is a name from Ancient Rome. The actual Romanian meaning is unknown but is most commonly associated as the name of a third-century saint. In Russian and Slovakian it means "fairy princess." As much as I wished I was given this name because I am in fact, a fairy princess, I was actually given it because it was the only name my family could agree on at the time. My family has always named their children unique and unpopular names because they b elieved in, shaping your name to who you are and will grow to be. I am the baby of the family so there was a lot...