Defining the term "Sacrifice"

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The word "sacrifice" can hold several meanings to people, it's all in how the word is used or perceived by an individual, here are my perceptions on the term "sacrifice".

My first example of the word sacrifice can mean an offering of atonement to a deity or God. Such as the sacrificial lamb to a deity or the sacrificing of a virgin to a God, for protection of a village or even a prosperous harvest for the village.

Another example of the term sacrifice is the sacrifice fly or bunt in baseball. In baseball when a team has runners in scoring position the batter can choose to hit a sac-fly or bunt in order to advance the runners, help them score, or maybe even get on base himself. If choosing the sac-fly, the batter must try to hit the ball deep enough into the outfield so that the base-runner has time to tag up and advance the bases or score.

If choosing to bunt the batter must first decide which way to bunt the ball, either towards 1st or 3rd base, then the batter tries to hit the ball into the ground causing a slow role. This slow role will hopefully allow the other base-runners to advance the bases or score and it may even result in advancement or scoring of runners and the batter himself reaching base.

My third and final example of the term sacrifice is that of a voluntary loss. For example how my grandparents gave up their lives in our motherland of Germany in order to come to America in hopes of a better life and prosperity. How my parents sacrificed their furthered education and having the finer things in life in order to provide for their children both financially and emotionally at home. Also,