The Definition of Art

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The Definitions of ART

1 : Skill acquired by experience, study, or observation

2 a) : A branch of learning: (1) : one of the humanities (2) plural : LIBERAL ARTS b) archaic : LEARNING, SCHOLARSHIP

3 : An occupation requiring knowledge or skill

4 a) : The conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects; also : works so produced b) (1) : FINE ARTS (2) : one of the fine arts (3) : a graphic art

5 a) Archaic : a skillful plan b) : the quality or state of being artful

6 : Decorative or illustrative elements in printed matter

Main Entry: art form

Function: noun

1 : A recognized form (as a symphony) or medium (as sculpture) of artistic expression

2 : An unconventional form or medium in which impulses regarded as artistic may be expressed


The dancer is revealed as a sculptor as Louis links shapes in nature, architecture and sculpture with those of the body.


Although many of the African-American visual artists stayed away from Afrocentric themes in their creations, the seeds were transplanted and later developed among these artists. African art represented a part of daily living, ceremonial rituals, and personal utility. Wood, bronze, ivory, gold, metal, cloth, and copper were some of the media used as symbols of expressions which could often be translated into possessions of power, spirituality, or leadership.


It allows a human being to take all these dry, technically boring (but difficult) techniques and use them to create emotion. That is one thing science cannot duplicate: humanism, feeling, emotion, call it what you will.


Develop programs, and disseminate information that will support the effective production and use of moving-image media which contribute to a better...