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Live Not Only for YourselfDo we know what we want in life? Almost everyone wants happiness; a person wants to be successful in all of their endeavors. This is the main goal for just about everyone in this world because getting somewhere in life is the basis of life. We might ask ourselves: how we can achieve this tremendous task? The first step is to show passion. Yes, passion. Generally passion is defined* as a powerful emotion, such as love, and joy. To take that a step further passion means to have desire, to care, and most importantly to do whatever it takes to be successful and gain respect from our peers.

If passion means to have desire, what does desire mean? Desire means to want something, to need something. There must be something in our life that we desire. It can be a personal goal; something that we want to accomplish one day.

If we desire something we show passion towards it, no matter what it is. It is not a coincidence that which one desires most, he/she holds precious upon them. For example we would most likely treat a nice sports car much better than an old, rusty, and beat up station wagon. Why? Obviously because we would rather have a sports car that we would enjoy, instead of some old station wagon. We simply desire it more. In this world we have come to expect things from others, and taking those things for granted. Sometimes we judge others, without judging ourselves. As the future of this country and the world we have to be able to realize the true meaning of passion. Everyone has to encourage one another to do better, because everyone is capable of doing something great. We must desire more, we must strive to...