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Definition essay


Something we take for granted today was once valuable as money if not more. It was used everything from health to beauty. That item would be chocolate. Which comes from the cocoa tree plant that is found in countries close to the equator, such as Africa and also South America. The cocoa trees are covered with yellow pineapple looking fruit. Once you open the fruit you will see white pulp inside of that are the cocoa beans. The dark bean is first crushed and then roasted creating chocolate. Mayans and Aztecs believed that chocolate had been brought from paradise and that it brought wisdom, and power from eating it. It was greatly valued by the Aztecs and the Mayans. There are hundreds of variations of chocolate: light to dark, bitter to sweet, liquid to solid. Chocolate is a very complex and interesting food, that's has many benefits.

Chocolate was known to be an aphrodisiac. Hundreds of years ago Emperors would consume great amounts of chocolate because they believed it would increase their sexual powers. Later when chocolate was introduced naturally it was associated with love. People consume it at all times, when they are depressed, or when they are celebrating an occasion. Chocolate is a very complex food. It is so complex that is has over 300 hundred ingredients in it. People often say, "I'm addicted to Chocolate." How many people do you hear saying how much they love chocolate. Why is chocolate loved so much? They may be a reason or even a fact behind the addiction.

A substance called Seratonin is released into the nervous system by our brain whenever we are happy, or when we experience feelings of love. It raises our blood pressure slightly and even increases our heart rate a bit. Seratonin...