Definition Of A Legend

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Carlos April 29,2002 English Final Draft A Legend A legend is a person that inspires a legend. This relates to Tom's life when poeple called him the devil rider or Killer Tom Black. Poeple get inspired by Tom's violent riding. They call him name like Killer. Tom goes through many things in his life. Tom's life id a good story to base legends on.

This defenition is the best one because all other legends relate to it. As people see how Tom rides they get an idea of what kind of person he is and they see him as a violent person. These people only see Tom riding so whatever he does in the ring, is a small hint to what kind of person he is. The crowd, although not well informed on Tom's life still give him names. All the things that people think about Tom put together make up the legend of Tom.

Tom is a person that inspired a couple of legends in his life. As a rider he was known as Killer Tom Black, and also one of the best. The poeple had some idea of what was going on in Tom's mind, and with that information they made conclusions about him. So Tom's life, riding style, and the crowds thoughts made up Tom's legend. In this way Tom inspired legends