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Love is one of the most furtive sentiments that ancient artists and poets had been attempting to manifest its explicit definition through aesthetic illustrations, even up till today. It approaches our daily lives in various ways: affection, friendship, infatuation, passion and many others; but these expressions never fails to contribute to felicitousness.

Inasmuch as we are living in a firm society, people tend to have a myopic thinking of circumscribed knowledge and logical reasoning that is limited, thus incapable of broadening their sense of awareness towards certain concerns, such as love. The simple negligence directly taken from the very essence of ignorance would drive the unconscious individuals to irrational contemplations, such as the seven deadly sins: pride, envy, lust, anger, avarice, sadness and gluttony. These are common deceptions misled by banal misconceptions, but the magic of love is that it can flare them all at once just by kindling its slightest glow, igniting one's glee.

Love is the urging of human beings to experience oneness, unity and entirety. It does not only compromise of romantic love, but also brotherly or family love and, the conspicuous one, yet essential: universal love. I believe the verity of love animating two distinct strangers as one, the establishment of destined love induced from faithful friendship bonds that will last for eternity and the ability for one to disseminate love in diversified aspects, not by means of different quantities.

When people misinterpreted love, the outcomes are deceptive. The usual delusion is that, without another, one is incomplete. I believe that the beings that we are already impeccably consummated from the moment we were created. It is love that brings fruition; to make us conceive the appreciation of what we already had: completion as an individual. The way I see it is, when two...