Definition of Organizational Behavior. How most people think OB is common sense and the study of OB. It is a 600 word paper, in ARP format.

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This paper is basically about what I have learned in this first week of class, "Organizational Behavior", an issue I will carry with me throughout my life. Organizational Behavior, as defined in the book, states: "OB is the study of what people think, feel, and do in and around organizations." There is really no better way of saying that, but in my own works, I think a definition for OB could state- "A field of study that looks at the impact individuals, groups and structures has on the behavior of people within an organization, for the purpose of using the results towards improving an organization's effectiveness.

Generalization about behavior is usually wrong; I, myself was a person who believed behavior was not predictable. Where I still believe to a point it is not, from this lesson I have learned that behavior is generally predictable. It is this way, if we know how a person receives things, their emotions, attitudes, behaviors in general.

The beliefs, how they were brought up and even where they live can all take part in the way they will react to different situations. While people's behavior may not appear to be rational to anyone else, it appears to be rational to them. The reason this is, is because the person perceiving the information, does not have the same views, morals, background and more that contribute to way they feel a certain way.

How I will carry OB throughout my life? Well, one of my major problems is how to deal with conflict, this last lesson and the discussions among the class helped me figure out other ways to go about life. Recently, at work, I had to talk to the other employees about a change that needed to be made. I wanted...