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A backpack is a bag that is made of fabric, used to carry articles, and normally worn on one's back. School-age children and hikers most frequently use it. A backpack can be a very useful item, making it easier for its owner to carry numerous items at once. In addition, it leaves the wearer's arms free for other activities, whether riding a bicycle, scuffling with others, or merely opening doors. A wide variety of items can be carried in the bag. At one time, the main use of a backpack was to carry camping equipment on hikes or camping trips. However, in recent years, wearing a backpack has become more of a fashion statement for many younger school-age children. Many children would not dare to carry their books in their hands or under an arm.

Most children of grade-school age, and greater, have backpacks, which they carry to and from school.

They are convinced that backpacks are necessary in order to carry all articles that they need. You can even see these bags at sporting events where they are used to carry snacks for the children and, perhaps, drinks, sweaters, or even cushions. At college, female students often use a backpack as a purse, as well as a carrier for accessories and other necessary items. Backpacks today often feature a pouch in which to hold a cell phone. Some provide a pocket for a water bottle. Men also wear backpacks, but for more than simply carrying books. On several occasions, I have noticed men at school empty their backpacks in a manner reminiscent of a woman emptying her purse.

A backpack is indispensable for hikers. They find backpacks essential for transporting needed items to their destination. A hiker generally wears a backpack that is not only large enough...