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In the Arms of a Knight

He courses through the veins of my desire

A raging, twisting torrent of temptation

Aching to leap the chiseled banks of propriety

Filling the abyss of my sanity with the vastness of his magnificence

He wonders through my everyday

Pausing occasionally to daze wide-eyed at the world

A wisp of raven hair falling playfully on his brow

Captivating me with his electricity

~and i dream~

He walks upon the sands of the shore

Each grains touched by the grace of his gate

As the sea beckons to him, wavelets kissing his toes

His lips form a smile, as the realization of his masculinity emerges

For he is a man

A little boy, a son, a child of light

A Knight blessing the world around him with his honor

As he defines love

He knows not the power he wields

Yes he is all powerful over me in every aspect

~ and i dream~

He wanders through my thoughts and dreams

My words lose all meaning in his presence

And I am humbles by his elegance

He epitomizes my heaven and circumscribes my paradise

He realizes not his effect on me

As he thunders through the ravaged ravines of my heart

He is deserving of all that life has to offer

Yet he asks for nothing

He is a man loved

A man honored and cherished

He defines the Knighthood

The Knighthood is he

~and i dream~

He walks upon the sands of time

Each grain touched by the grace of his presence

As the world beckons to him its ceaseless cry

His lips part with words of love

His reflection colors my being

His sweet, sweet song echoes through the canyons of my existence

As his brows move with laughter...