The Definition of Politics: Personal Point of view ("Politics of Aristotle").

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The book "Politics of Aristotle" could be considered one of the most important political books in History. The book tries to explain the importance of Politics in old Greece and its relevance for the state, but at the same time it does not try to give or establish a narrow concept of what politics is.

From my personal point of view, Aristotle tries to tell us that Politics is the art and science of human government. And this government exists for the sake of noble actions and virtue that are parts of man's nature. This way "noble actions" would be reflected in human association in order to achieve a common good. And virtue will establish an organized environment for the government development.

In the first book, about the State and Society, Aristotle states that man is more of a political animal than bees or any others and this is because man has the gift of speech.

But he does not mean speech as a verbal characteristic; he means speech as the ability of analyze, synthesize, and conceptualize nature. This way, man has the natural ability of governing him self and other men. Man can govern other man that share his interests and can associate with them in order to achieve a common good.

Man associate in families to survive and in communities to obtain a safer environment to develop their capabilities. But communities will not only reflect simple relation between individuals that share the same geographical place, they will reflect a deeper relation based on trust. These relations, based on trust, are considered noble actions. This way the group of communities will only be able to establish a state that will be built on the base of noble actions.

In the third book, about the importance of virtue...