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What is the first thing that arises to a person's mind when they hear the word "Pride?" Most people can consider many different subjects to describe the meaning of pride. Some think of pride as family, life style, a quality job, being the best at what they do, how they establish themselves, or allegiance. I believe pride is the confidence to stay true to the person you are no matter the circumstances. Some say that pride is the feeling they get when they do something for someone else, or when they achieve a well fought for accomplishment. It's like the feeling a person would get when they cross the finish line first, or when one would be rewarded a trophy for academic excellence. The Webster's 1913 Dictionary defines Pride as "1: the quality or state of being proud: as a: inordinate self-esteem: 2: a reasonable or justifiable self-respect 3: delight or elation arising from some act, possession, or relationship 4: a source of pride: the best in a group or class."

(Pride-Definition). Pride is a lot of things at the same time.

Pride is family. I view family as a similar replication of the person's lifestyle, or a significant portion that lead to the development of who that person is today. A family that leads to the person's drive for self-worth and success, and where the relationships between the family members are positive is a proper representation of being a proud family. Children are the continuation their parents. I have heard many times that children are the future of their parents, and the reflection of the parent's inner dreams. And each accomplishment or goal that a child takes makes the parent proud. At the end of a victorious local school's sporting event, take a glance at the parents. Almost...