Definition of Religion

Essay by pimp37 October 2006

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In determining the definition of religion, there can be a vast amount of different responses. This is usually due to an individua'ls own personal beliefs and experiences in the various descriptions that one might give when trying to determine what constitutes a religion for them. The definition of a religion at least for me first and foremost is the belief in a Supreme Being or higher power. My belief in higher power does not mean that I believe a true religion can only be found in a monotheistic religion. No quite the contrary, I also believe it can be found in a polytheistic or even henotheistic religion. Secondly, there needs to be some sort of belief system in place, which can be found in either scripture, dogma, rituals or traditions. This belief system should also provide its followers with some sort of rules, laws and/or guidelines on how to live a morally and spiritually fulfilling life, and describe consequences if those rules or laws are broken.

Lastly, I find that there needs to be a strong faith in something or someone that is commonly shared by all the followers of a particular religion. This faith provides hope and comfort to all those who truly believe