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Responsibility plays a sole role in the quality of a person's life. Responsibility helps define a person. Something as small as household chores or as big as time and money directly reflect on a person's responsibility.

Having work time as well as home time depends on whether or not you manage time well. People who do manage time well show responsibility and are rewarded by not having to rush at the last minute. Being on time to work, or to turn in a report shows responsibility, and gives you good credibility. Consistency with these types of responsibilities gives people the impression you want someone to have. It shows people they can depend on you, and that you will be a responsible employee/ family man/women.

Being responsible with your money further enhances your credibility. Saving and spending the money you make responsibly will make you a successful person. Irresponsible spending and not saving can break a career or a family.

Responsibility with money keeps you out of trouble. If you're not responsible with your money you can get behind in payments which causes debt. Being responsible with money means balanceing your checkbook and doing the things needed to keep everything in order. By doing this you will win with your money. Responsibility is the key to a life fulfilled with order and credibility.

You can tell when a person is responsible with their chores just by looking at them or their house. If it is clean and everything is put away in an orderly fashion then most likely they are a responsible person. Anyone can have chores, no matter what age they are. The way you take care of those chores is what shows responsibility, and the discipline you hold for yourself in life.

Responsibility is a choice...