Definition of True Love

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True Love

What is True love? People, including myself, have many different opinions on the answer to that very question. The formal definition states that love is; intense affection, a feeling of attraction resulting from sexual desire, and enthusiasm or fondness. Although these every part of that definition is true, there is a deeper meaning to this word, it is a feeling, a choice, even a state of mind.

True love is an experience that is much anticipated, it is one of the most substantial reasons why people live. It is not among the person's name that lies on a hand saying I love them, nor is it necessarily with the person who people say I love you to. True love is not an act of saying or thinking, but more along the lines of knowing. Therefore, the opposite of true love is thinking you are in love because it should already be showing.

A person knows when they have true love because they are happy in life, themselves, and the future. They have no worries about the past or what is yet to come, but they are reminiscent about the past and excited about the future. True love is reliable, which never fails to get you through bad situations and difficulties, while also bringing joyful occurrences to their fullest. The two persons are one in heart, mind, body, and soul. True love can never be broken, stolen, misplaced, forgotten, or lost, for it lives forever and ever.

True love is something that takes time to build. I feel that you cannot love someone in a matter of minutes; it takes time. True love is not something you can look for or just suddenly one day figure out. It is too complex. It is an ongoing cycle and is hard...