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Effective delegation is a key management tool and represents a basic skill needed for the long-term success of any

organization. Successful delegation will, as night follows day, bring great benefits to management, the individual

manager and the workforce. Delegation is one of the dynamics factors at the heart of good management which helps a

unit to improve, grow and develop but, like any good tool, its' use requires careful thought and training and must

follow basic rules or principles.

"It is important to delegate the exact amount of authority, so the task can be completed successfully with the right amount of responsibility. If

the right amount is not delegated and it fails, he can say, "it was not my fault". Another danger us he will begin to take discussion outside

his area of control. "Delegate does not mean to give away". (P.P.M.M. Group)

"A questionnaire was developed of six mid-management activity areas.

This is what they deemed to be of interest in the health service management":

1. Functions of managers

2. Communication

3. Decision making and problem solving

4. Delegation

5. Motivation and human relations

6. Menial task

"This was filled out by 122 mid-managers working in the health care service. (77% females 45% males)" (pg.50)