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Delegation is the skill of motivating and training your team or employees to realize their full potential. It is primarily about trusting others with your authority. The objective of delegation is to get the job done by someone else. With delegation, the person that has been delegated with the work will have the authority to react to various situations without referring back to you.

Delegation helps people grow underneath you in an organization and thus pushes you even higher in management. It provides you with more time, and you will be able to take on higher priority projects. When delegating something, you have to ensure that the person you are delegating work to knows what you want, has the authority and sources to do the job, and also the know how for the task.

When delegating work, one has to decide what to delegate. One way of deciding what to delegate is simply to make a list of things that you do which could be more effectively done by someone who is more skilled in a particular area, or something less expensive.

You may decide to use your activity log or schedule as the basis of your decision to delegate: this will show you where you are spending large amounts of time on low yield jobs.

Next would be to select someone who is capable and willing to carry out the job. How far you can delegate jobs will depend on the ability, experience and reliability of your employees. Good people will be able to carry out large jobs with no intervention from you. Unreliable or inexperienced people will need close supervision to get the job done to the correct standard. However if you coach, encourage and give practice to them you may improve their ability to carry out...