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Delegation of Management in an Organization

The business management field is very dimensional. Managers have responsibilities to take charge and push for new growth in an organization. Planning is centered on all of the four functions of management. Managers of an organization are to carry out the functions to assist in the organization's growth. Therefore, they delegate and perform the functions of management. The functions the managers are using to delegate are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. They are to make sure that clients are valued by specific planning. They also must contain a certain amount of people skills. The managers are to lead, motivate, and communicate effectively. These abilities are important for a manager because the goals and the future of the business are mostly depending on it. The purpose of this paper is to examine how the author's manager delegates in her organization, and how the manager could delegate more efficiently in the organization.

The author also examines the skills of delegation.


The managers in the author's organization use planning effectively to delegate. Planning is one of the functions of management. It is defined as a method for accomplishing an objective (Webster, 2004, p.550). Planning is when the organization defines its goals and determines the steps to achieve them. Planning is then organizing and delegating these steps so they can be implemented efficiently. For the planning process, there are goals to be met. Steps need to be made by the manager to carry out these certain goals. Bateman (2004), "Goals are the targets or ends the manager wants to reach. Goals should be specific, challenging, and realistic"(p.12). For example, the goal of our organization is to increase sales of Jackson National's mutual funds and annuities in the Houston area. To achieve these goals the organization must interact...