Delegation Paper

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Delegating is very important for a manger to have. If you don't have this you can have problems. There are many things you can do to be effective as a good delegating manager. Managers delegate work not to just relieve their workload, but to allow the employees they supervise to grow professionally and efficiently. Effective delegation is a two-way discussion. Be clear about the delegated task, give employee(s) an opportunity to ask questions, monitor progress and offer assistance as needed. Use effective delegation to benefit both yourself and the person to whom you delegate.

Delegation Paper

Is delegation of tasks such an important task, or overrated. This paper will cover the facts needed to know for this knowledge.

Delegation is an important attribute for all employees, but primarily important to all level managers. The word delegate means the act of transferring or assigning a mission or task to a person, or group of people.

There are many different terms associated with delegating assignments like, farming out the work and passing the buck. Delegating is something that can be taught in a educational environment; however, the skills are honed to perfection in the private real world.

In my particular organization we have some pros and cons with delegating. I am a Police Officer and work in a mid size police agency with all of the normal private sector problems. The act of delegating doesn't really come into play that often in the Police Department's. Everyone has a rank and performs their duties in coordination with their rank. If you are a basic Patrolman, you will just patrol the streets as would a Patrolman First Class and a Master Patrol Officer. When you start getting up into the ranks of Corporal and Sergeant you begin the supervisory role. In these ranks...