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"Delegation is the assignment of one or more meaningful tasks or responsibilities, either operational or managerial in nature, to a subordinate or subordinates" (Flexstudy). Effective management is practiced in many forms and in great diversity of business situations. Although delegating is one of the most difficult aspects of any management job, there are many important benefits derived by the organization as well as the manager when tasks and responsibilities are properly delegated. Delegating allows the ease of managing by giving responsibilities and tasks to others, which in turn if used properly will ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the manager and the organization thus fostering productive work environment. Through this paper I will show how delegation is being used within my organization through the four functions of management planning, organizing, leading and controlling.

Planning is important at all levels of management and is a fundamental of one of the four functions of management.

Through the planning process goals and objectives are set and scheduled to achieve the goals within the allotted time. Delegation is being used in my organization through planning by the delegating of projects or tasks. When a tasking comes down from upper management we are usually given the specifics of what is required and when it has to be accomplished. For example a coworker and I were tasked to develop an office continuity book. We were given two weeks to compile all the necessary information required to do the job and ensure that it was within the standards and regulations governing our organization. Our supervisor was very helpful in given us the assistance needed which really helped the success of the project. Which ultimately decreased the work- load and increased productive, due to us not having to spend as much time training new personnel and serving as a...