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Deliverance (1998) The book Deliverance exposes a couple examples of uncivilized and wild thinking. James Dickey uses these examples in the book to make the typical suburbanite person be set aside from the rest of the world. James Dickey has an ordinary bunch of guys change their views as they go through a horrific experience. What James Dickey is trying to say is that everyone has a wild side in them. Most people in their life never really know they have this side to them until they are in a life and death situation. The examples that James Dickey uses are central to the novel because it shows how a normal, average couple of guys can go through watching Bobby get raped by a hillbilly, Ed going after the man trying to kill him, and the covering up this whole mess to make it look like it never happened. These acts arenâ??t normal things that suburbanite men do.

The first uncivilized and extremely wild thinking occurs when Bobby, a normal guy from the suburbs, is held up at gunpoint. On top of that, these two hillbillies rape Bobby while Lewis is forced to listen to his screams. This is not normal behavior. These two hillbillies definitely have a wild side that should be kept to themselves. To Bobby, being raped is the worst thing a man could go through. Bobby is enraged and his wild side is brought out after he gets away. This event obviously scars him physically, but the mental torture he felt is even more profound. While Bobby is getting raped, Lewis is in the bushes setting up for the perfect shot to kill the hillbilly with his bow and arrow. He aims and fires hitting the target right in the chest. Bobby starts kicking, punching, and...