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1. The strategic direction of the company is whether or not it should continue its direct sales strategy or go into retail. How should Dell continue to segment the workstation market? 2. Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell.

3. Dell added components and assembled clones of IBM computers. To compete with the retail segment, Dell offered the IBM clones to customers through mail order.

4. The company?s ultimate success factor has been the continuation of the direct-sell and build-to-order philosophy. Direct selling occurs through ads in computer magazines and telephone calls directly to the company. Build-to-order means that the PC is built only when an order is placed.

5. Dell computer introduced the concept of selling personal computer systems to customers on a built-to-order basis, providing direct toll-free support and next day onsite service. The corporate philosophy is to ?cut out the middleperson and sell directly to customers.? Technological Questions 6.

Dell focused on its notebook model since it runs dell?s computer unit. Also dell looked into another route, the Internet.

7. Dell incorporated an electronic link with its larger corporate customers. Purchases of Dell products can be made directly through corporate accounting systems of a suitably outfitted corporation or institution.

8. Dell computer focuses on the server market. Some components of networking are tied to the server, including the components in the box and the network adapters.

9. John Medica has driven this change throughout the organization.

10. Technology has brought success to the company. Dell currently ranks number four behind IBM forts to move up in ranking by cutting server prices by processor-based PowerEdge network server sales. Dell computer has made stronger efforts to move on its midrange and high-end Pentium Pro processor-based PowerEdge network servers.

Quantitative Questions 11. Dell has revenues in excess of $1 million...