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There is no doubt, that school life can play a major affect on a child's attittude towards school. Some children may portray a negative attitude towards school. For example, parents may not show enough intrest in their child's schoolwork and may not be up to date on their progress either. Another big aspect would be that the child has a lack of resources to use and or may not be availiable to them. I mean if I didn't have any kind of intrest from my parents why should I have any either. I mean that is what most kids thoughts would be. It is very possible for a kid to procieve a positive outlook on school too. One thing that may help them have a positive attitude is that they meet people at school that they can relate and get along with. A positive attitude may also come from being rewarded with some sort of tool or supplies that may help them acomplish different task's for school.

Performance in school may also play a role on how homelife affects school life. There academics may push them one way or another on how they like or dislike school. For example, if there was no encouragement from the parents and or help then their grades my have a noticable affect on them. One other big factor may be what the parents have accomplished in the past, because if they haven't really shown the child that is it important to make something of yourself and work hard in what you do then they will aquire a attitude of the same. That attitude would be that it doesn't matter what kind of grades I receive because my parents did not do to well so why should I. Secondly if there is no respect shown toward the child how will they know how to act when put in certain situations. For example, if the child is not punished when he or she should be then they do not no how to deal with the situation in an orderly fashion which then may result in a negative attitude toward's whomever it may be the parents, teacher, or the other students. Which then make have an affect on how people look at the child and if they look down on them then there attitude will be negative.

A child's outlook on life might have an affect on how they approach school as a whole. They may just have a negative for these reasons. One big one is that what the economical status is at home. If there status is not that good then they will think I will never get any better than this or if they did not achieve any better than this how am I supposed to. It also may factor in if the parents are verbally abusive toward the child then they might just have no urge to want to do well because there parents may tell them things that may put them down or just make them not want to try at all. For example, the parents saying that you are going in the same direction that I did or just plain and simple telling them that they cant do it. It is not always a good thing to tell them something like that because then they will not have a very good outlook to do well and achieve anything at all.