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The purpose of this assignment is for students to develop skills in obtaining and applying scientific information to evaluate the link between diet, lifestyle and dementia. The essay helps students to consider the interaction of elements that contribute to dementia risk and to draw practical-based conclusions from the scientific literature. The essay addresses the learning outcomes for this unit.


Mental Health is one of the key health priorities in Australia and significantly impacts on quality of life. The NSW/ACT Dementia Training Study Centre (University of Wollongong) will be funding a number of $500 essay prizes. Each of the essays entered must relate to dementia. The Nutrition and Dietetics Discipline at the University of Canberra has agreed to give students studying Nutrition and Disease, Semester 2, 2014 an opportunity to win this prize through this assessment item. The best three essays will be entered in the competition with student permission.

Further information on the prizes, including the judging criteria will be distributed in tutorials and on Moodle.


"Dementia is a mental health disorder that is common in the elderly and has been associated with poor nutritional status."

Discuss this statement providing evidence for nutrition-related factors associated with the development of dementia and translate this evidence into prevention strategies for this disease.