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In the play Macbeth, by WIlliam Shakespeare, Lady Macbeth is a women driven by love and ambition. In the beginning she appears to be vert tough; yet she weakens as Macbeth grows more foul in his deeds. Lady Macbeth is able to spurn her husband on his evil pursuit of becoming king, but she cannot handle the human feelings of guilt are remorse that go along with this act.

It is because of Lady Macbeth's sly urgings that Macbeth acts on his evil desires and kills King Duncan. She becomes impatient when her husband cannot carry out the end of the murder plan. When Macbeth returns to his chamber after killing Duncan and Lady Macbeth learns that he didn't carry out the end of the plan, the reader sees a moment of panic in Lady Macbeth. She quicly regains her composure, though, and decides that she must complete the plan herself.

She says to Macbeth, "Give me the daggers. The sleeping and the dead are but as pictures." (II,ii,67-70) At this point in the novel Lady Macbeth is portrayed as strong, determined, and maybe even heartless. But with a more in depth look at the situation, it can also be said that she if full of love for her husband. One could say that Lady Macbeth was a devoted wife, and out of love, she wanted to help Macbeth become the king. She shows care and compassion when Macbeth returns to the bedchamber after killing the king. He is stunned by the act that he has committed and Lady Macbeth, with the tenderness of a mother, calms her husband. So, right from the start we see that Lady Macbeth has more than one face, and we learn in the play which one will prevail.

All through the play, Lady...