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Democracy is the fundamental belief that every person born of this world has the right to achieve prosperity, and happiness. These are the inalienable rights that were written when the United States government was first conceived. The French said it correctly "viva la libertad" Live for liberty. The feeling of liberty among many people and in many times engenders great acts never before thought possible. In history we see many heroic acts that symbolize peoples faith in the democratic way. When Britain passed the tea act, colonists in Boston Massachusetts were outraged. On December 13, Samuel Adams led a group of men dressed as Indians onto the ship and proceeded to dump 343 chests of tea into the ocean. This event became know as the Boston Tea Party. Now what do you suppose made Mr. Adams act in this fashion? It was over a question of fairness, And in democracy people preached fairness, and equality among men.

Over the course of two hundred years Democracy has been tested time and time again. We have had many wars that in the end only strengthened our country. But I wonder if we take our democratic freedoms for granted. We as a nation are strong and come together when our way of life is threatened, but we are divided and weak when it comes to the basic principles in human nature such as compassion, trust, and loyalty. We are quick to want allies, but hesitant in our trust. When I browse through the history of our country I see the many changes and sacrifices all the different people in this country have had to endure. When white people came to this land they had to toile in the fields, hacking a New World out of the savage land they encountered. The native...