In a Democracy.

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In a Democracy...."Men do not seek authority so that they may impose policy, they seek policy so that they may achieve authority"

The campaign promise is the trademark of our political candidates. They have staffers that research what issues are of utmost importance to the American People then they bombard my television with ads that if elected they will impose policy that I, as a citizen have stated I desire. But more often than not the promises they made are empty. It was merely a ploy to get me and the rest of the voting public to place them in the position they desired, a position coveted by many, the title of President of the United States and Leader of the Free World. It is a selfish pursuit of power for its own sake, and it is absolute with these candidates. Politicians will side with the NRA, FDA EPA, Pro-life activists or interest groups who support education reform and promise to implement their policies in order to get their votes.

What these interests groups don't realize is that most of the time, politicians are merely telling them what they think they want to hear in an attempt to become "Commander in Chief". In most cases the candidates have promised policy reform in so many areas of public interests to get elected that they are unable to fulfill all that was promised once an election is over and the process of government has begun. These candidates once achieving the authority they sought no longer have the desire or the ability to impose the policy promises they made.

The Constitution was written with the idea of making the United States a representative democracy, one in which we elect public officials based on their ability and desire to work towards the best interests...