Democracy and The Protection of Minority Rights

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It's good to live in a democratic country because more freedom is given to the citizens. But such freedom can never be infinite, and, from my point of view, the government still needs to put on a lot of restrictions to achieve national security and protection of humanity over the opinions of the minority.

The opinions of the minority are protected, but those opinions should only be taken into consideration as optional choices that can be either adopted or dropped. Because in the end, minority is still minority and when there's conflict between the opinions of the majority and the minority, government should always take a better care of the majority over the minority as the majority is the bigger importance and has greater influence in everyway in a country.

In any democratic government, there's always a government of majority that wins the most seats and a minority government that wins second-most seats.

As the government in power, the majority government representing the majority of the country is the one that's in charge of general decision making. With the existence of minority government, the rights of the minority can be well protected. By representing the minority of the country, the minority government will give out opinions and advices to the majority government.

Besides domestic politics, there are minorities among all individuals. For example, there are a little portion of people who are challenging to legalize assisted suicide. This is an absolute minority opinion and the question now is should this be granted or not? Assisted suicide gives plenty of opportunities for life-costing crimes. Even though it's true that people with some severe illnesses suffer in pain, but the government needs to look at the big picture of this case. Why try to kill yourself while there are ways...