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America is known throughout the world for it's excellent Democratic Government, which provides high standards of living for most all of its citizens. Some people would argue that America has been so prosperous because it is one of the only nations in the world with a true two-party system of government. Popular sovereignty, political equality, and liberty all require a supportive economic and social environment, which I believe, would be achieved more easily through a reform of our system to allow more than two parties to hold power. Our electorate system, the Electoral College process, places many different rules on minor parties to exclude them from ever gaining any real power or holding powerful public offices. But I believe times are changing and this change could not of come at a better time. As more and more people from around the world move into this country and populations begin to grow, many different parties will eventually begin to gain power to satisfy the diverse American political views.

To keep the people satisfied with our governmental system, we will need to offer more choice in parties on Election Day. As we can already begin to see from recent elections, Third party candidates are gaining more and more support with each new election. Good examples of powerful third party candidates can be found in Ross Perot, who made strong showings at the 1992, and 1996 Presidential Elections, and Jessee Ventura, who was elected Minnesota's State Governor in 1998 as the nominee of the reform party. More parties and more choice for the voters will eventually begin to solve many problems plaguing the American political system.

Third parties definitely play a very important role in American politics. They can sway entire elections or just give the people an alternative to the usual...