Democracy in Iraq

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In order to understand the prospects for democracy in Iraq, it is necessary to recall the way that power operates in a nationalist republic and what causes the existing democracies in the region to be flawed.

Arab nationalism emphasizes the Arab character of past Islamic empires and pointed to a future in which a single state would unite the region from Morocco to Oman. The nationalist ideology has historically embedded roots in Iraq, and is contributed with playing a pivotal role in preparing the people of Iraq to resist Ottoman rule. It has been said that democracy represents the most significant elements of a nationalist republic in a very modern sense. It will be by the will of the people, not a single individual by which a regime hangs, in the form of free and regular elections. Democracy without human rights being respected is not a democracy and this is what separates the nationalist republic and the democracy.

The nationalist republic in Iraq emphasizes its principles by stressing its Iraqi national character and the nationalist groups have their roots in Iraqi society, there will be a greater ease into democracy if the nationalist do not try and eliminate one party or the other but rather ban together for the well-being of their national interest.

The existing democracies in the region are flawed due to the restrictive nature of their democracies. Turkey, Israel and Lebanon have all enjoyed multiparty systems, and all three permit freedom to social organizations. However, in many of these democracies there still exists a system of censorship, some freedom of expression is established but taboos exist. The actors that do not engage in a form of adequate self-censorship could be penalized. The civil societies need to support the democracies and this is a problem in many...