The Democracy-Monarchy Cycle, an essay on the theories of Hobbes.

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Democracy is a system designed to prevent monarchy from happening. It is the adjustment from experience after observing the results of many abuses of absolute power from history monarchs. Surprisingly, when reasoning to the origin of a politic system with Thomas Hobbes' method of science, one can conclude that monarchy is actually preceded by democracy. If this is true, then it would be logical to predict that today's democracy would also be a prelude to a future monarchy, with the assumption that today's democracy has been preventing absolute sovereigns at all! Today we believe that political power is possessed by the people, since we elect our leaders and have representatives that only implement procedures with majority concurrence; with our government system still at work, no one can make a decision that substantially affects the country by him/her self. Conversely, this is not necessarily true. When there is nothing significant happening to the country, the people, or at least a substantial amount of them, do have the political power of this country; but at times that demand immediate action, we fall back to a state of monarchy, in which one person has the utter power to decide what is beneficial for the common good.

Therefore, judging from Hobbes theory of the state of nature in his Leviathan, democracy, the origin of all political authorities, initiates a cycle that causes democracy itself and monarchy to constantly reoccur in human culture, resulting the situation in which today's democracy will still create an absolute sovereign, as long as the country needs efficiency while enacting on the status quo. Democracy is simply a sleeping Leviathan while its body systems remain at work.

The origin of a politic system is derived from Hobbes' state of nature. According to Hobbes, humans are rational animals that are...