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Democratic Convention

Date: July 29, 2004

Major speakers: Sen. John Kerry

Sen. John Kerry accepted the nomination for president and promised to never start a war with lies. He also said that he would try to regain the trust that was lost during the war on Iraq.

Kerry attacked President Bush, and all other republicans by saying that they only care about the rich people and that they have forgotten about everybody else. He added that he would have a vice-president who wouldn't have secret meetings with people who pollute the air to change environmental laws.

He pointed out that the US would never go to war unless it's necessary. If he is elected president, he will send a message to every soldier telling them that he will never ask them to fight a war that will not bring peace to the US.

John Kerry tried to demonstrate that he is strong enough to make the necessary decisions to protect the United States from terrorists.

Bush was also accused of being responsible for the loss of jobs, high insurance prices, and the low education standards.