Democrats Vs. Repulicans

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Throughout the history of the US, the Democratic and Republican parties have been the dominant parties that the presidents have come from. Every succeeding president tries to achieve more than the last. Although, most presidents of the United States have been Republican, Democrats have done a more thorough job during their presidency. The years of the most increase of jobs, the largest decrease in budget deficit and highest economic rank all were lived within the presidency of a Democrat. The years of presidential scandals, stock market crashes and high homeless rates all were lived within the presidency of a Republican. This nation has seen it's best years under Democratic presidents.

Many of our early presidents did a fantastic job, while others had to deal with the crisis of the United States in its middle age. Not only did they deal with economic problems, but they also dealt with wars and other production problems such as stock market crashes.

It is normally very stressing to accomplish anything with that kind of distraction, and very hard to create any kind of boost in America's economy. Without a doubt, America has seen its best under the run of a Democratic economy.

During the years of President Herbert Hoover, a republican, this nation had gone through its most dramatic economic collapse. When the depression reached worldwide dimensions toward the end of 1930, Hoover failed to respond quickly to the crisis. He relied on increased public works and a balanced budget and led to another disaster in 1931. The bad economy was to dominate Hoover's foreign policy. By 1931, the countries of Europe had been badly infected by the virus of the worldwide depression. They blamed the American tariffs, as an excuse not to pay war debts that Congress believed they owed. When...