Demographic Factors Research

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Demographic Factors Research

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Demographic Factors Research

Diversity in itself is a challenge for corporate America, but through challenges, there is a need to prevail. Though many industries have built culturally diverse teams, sustainability of that workforce and their continued growth are the new challenges many companies face today. With companies like Arbor Education and Training, Plymouth Fire Department, Walmart, Toyota Motor Ltd., and Google Inc., their demographic elements extend from across the globe covering nearly every spectrum associated with race, age, religion, and gender.

Imagine trying to understand a new culture to include their traditional standards from afar; the language barrier alone can place a major strain on an organization's ability to attach the two cultures globally. The research conducted herein will allow one to see many cultural differences not dissimilar as once understood.

The diverse types of obstacles that through time and education can be learned, accepted, and together a new perspective formed for the organization.

Key Course Concepts

Three key course concepts are presented here for their relevance to the demographic factors found in the organizations researched. The demographic factors are characterized by ethnic diversity either in their workforces or diversity in the markets those organizations serve. The need for thorough management planning for dealing with diversity is established as a requisite for success in this era of globalization.

The first concept identified is the Roots of Ethnic Conflict covered in Chapter five (Kottak & Kozaitis, 2003). Ethnic differences in the workforce or marketplace can lead to organizational conflict if not managed carefully and sensitively. Organizations can find ethnic groups in competition for resources. Prejudice and discrimination can have a damaging effect. Appropriate organization policies...